ZWCAD+ 2014 Review


PROS / ZWCAD+ works with both Windows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with many different file formats.

CONS / Quite a few rendering tools are missing from ZWCAD+, including lighting and photorealistic rendering effects.

VERDICT / ZWCAD+ has many 2D and 3D editing tools that can tackle most CAD projects.

ZWCAD+ is an easy CAD software for beginning and intermediate users. Although some important designing tools are missing, you'll still be able to create complex models and prototypes. ZWCAD+ also has a great support section for all your questions and training needs.

ZWCAD+ 2014

This 2D CAD software has the most basic design tools. With this program, you'll have access to 2D drawing and 3D modeling tools, but very little else. Although you can add hatching, textures and transparency effects to your designs, the rendering features are very limited. There are no lighting effects or photorealistic modes to see what your designs will really look like. Architectural tools are missing as well, including a wall tool and house wizard, which generally speed up the home building process.

  1. The number of included models or components with each program.
    More is Better
  2. 7 ZWCAD+
    35 Number
  3. 190 Number
  4. 600 Number
  5. 450 Number
  6. Category Average
    147.73 Number

If you're familiar with the layout of Microsoft Office programs, learning this CAD drawing software will be easy as they are very similar. You'll also find a command line and macros recorder to make creating designs even quicker. ZWCAD+ isn't completely intuitive, but with some training and practice, you'll be able to find your way around the various, customizable, tool palettes.

ZWCAD+ has pretty much all of the editing tools found in the best CAD software. You'll be able to edit text annotations and color as well as add point markers. This program also supports extruding 3D models from 2D designs and has a layer manager, which will help keep you organized.

This software comes equipped with the standard help section, accessed directly from the interface. We were able to find answers to all of our questions by utilizing the help section’s keyword search. The ZWCAD website also has a FAQs section and learning articles to help you become more familiar with the CAD design software. There’s also a user forum, and you can request direct technical support via an online contact form. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not list local phone numbers for technical support.

This CAD design software supports most of the file formats used in 2D and 3D imaging. Most importantly, it supports DWG files, so you can open, edit and save AutoCAD files without conversion or any data loss. The software also allows you to export DXF, DWF and PDF files. ZWCAD+ is also compatible with Windows 8, 7 Vista and Mac OS X operating systems.

If you need to export a design as a raster image (which allows people to view but not edit the designs), ZWCAD’s export command allows you to save a file as a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or GIF file.


ZWCAD doesn’t boast the robust 3D functionality and in-depth feature set as some of the other products in our CAD software lineup. However, its decent editing tools coupled with its easy-to-navigate interface make it a great alternative for users new to computer-aided design.

ZWCAD+ 2014